Can We Create Multiple Facebook Account With One Email

Can We Create Multiple Facebook Account With One Email

Can We Create Multiple Facebook Account With One Email?

While it’s not possible to create two distinct Facebook accounts with the same email address, it’s possible to make use of Facebook as multiple separate entities with one Facebook account. In particular, Facebook allows you to create “Pages” to promote business or creative projects on which you manage these from your personal account.

But with Gmail account, you can create multiple Facebook accounts with one Gmail account. You need to learn about how to create unlimited Gmail with one Gmail account. So you can create multiple Facebook accounts with one Gmail account.

Reasons for Creating Pages

There are many reasons to set up a Facebook fan page. If you operate a local business, for instance, creating pages allows your customers to get information from you via their feeds via the “Like” link on your profile. If you are a representative of an individual or an individual, you may make a fan page that is dedicated to the person or the company in order to help them reach out to the public. Facebook does not allow members to set up fan pages on behalf of corporations and organizations, or for celebrities with whom they aren’t directly and informally associated.

Page Vs. Profile

One benefit of having the page is that users need not be friends on Facebook for the purpose of becoming a fan of your page. He needs only to be a registered Facebook user. Another advantage to this could be that everybody that is your Facebook friend is already a user of your fan page. Only those who are listed beneath the “Like This” category on the left of the page for fans will receive updates from the page.

How to Create a Page

After you have logged into your Facebook account the process of creating a page will take just a few seconds. Simply, scroll down toward the end of any Facebook screen, and click the “Create an Account” button. After that, you choose an appropriate category, such as “Brands as well as Products,” for instance, and then select another sub-category to further define the contents on the page. After uploading your profile picture and entering a description of your page Facebook asks users to invite friends who are already members to “Like” the page. It and then the page is live on the website.

Managing a Facebook Page

After you’ve set up your Facebook page, there are a number of ways to manage it are available. The most straightforward is to click on the “Arrow” icon right next to your name on the upper left side of your Facebook screen. Next, choose “Use Facebook as Page” and then click on the “Switch” button in the middle of the title of your page. Alternately, go to the page and then post messages on its wall. You can then be sent directly to your Facebook news feed by using the name of the page.

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