How A Turkish Star Got Imprisoned : Read Full Story

How A Turkish Star Got Imprisoned

How A Turkish Star Got Imprisoned

Gulsen Colakoglu is a Turkish Singer and songwriter, and about 46 years old. Gulsen Colakoglu is a pop singer and well-known name in Turkey. You can read how a Turkish Star got imprisoned.

The reason, Why She Was Arrested?

Gulsen released a video that was taken in Ankara and because of that video, Gulsen was arrested by the police officers. She gets offended by making Jokes about Turkish Religion. She makes a couple of videos and jokes on Turkish religion and got them published in various media. And because of these Jokes, she got arrested in Istanbul. She is in prison and let’s see what happens with her case under Turkish Govt and how a Turkish Star got imprisoned

People making calls to get her arrested for making such videos. She usually remains in controversy for various reasons like removing clothes on the stage while performing, making jokes about religions, and so on. Lately, she apologize as well for removing the clothes on the stage while the live performance. She said she don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but still if anyone gets hurt because of his content, she highly apologized.

How A Turkish Star Got Imprisoned

Pop Star Gulsen Got Arrested

There are a lot of memes and content you can see after she got arrested. People demanded a lot and made calls to get her arrested. Making jokes about religion is a serious offense and it actually hurts a lot of the community. During her trial in the Turkish Court, she denied the allegation she got and said that she never did anything which hurts any specific religion. Still, if anything is done unintentionally, I highly apologized. Her statement wasn’t enough to convince the judge and because of that her bail application is still pending. Political parties also requested Juries about the same but seem no effect on the juries. Let’s see how it goes further. Stay tuned!!

So you can check how a Turkish Star got imprisoned. For more viral videos and content, keep with us.

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