How to Change Your Twitter Username

How to Change Your Twitter Username

How to Change Your Twitter Username

On Twitter your username functions as a representation of your personal style and also an online address that allows other users to send messages to you on the platform. If you’d want modify your Twitter username you can do it quickly using iPhone, iPad, Android as well as on the web. Here’s how.

How to Change Your Username Using a Web Browser

The process of changing your Twitter username by using an internet browser on PC, Mac, Li or Chrome is easy however, the method is a bit obscure. Begin by logging into with any web browser. On the sidebar of Twitter’s Twitter web site, press on the “ellipses” button (three dots within circles) to open a variety of options.

When the menu opens, choose “Settings and Privacy.”

In Settings In Settings, click “Account,” then click “Username.”

When you arrive at the “Change username” page, select the “Username” text area and write the new username that you’d prefer to use. While typing, Twitter will tell you whether the username is used. Continue to search until you discover one that’s distinctive. Click “Save.”

The new username for you is created. Changes should occur within a few minutes, however if you do not see it immediately check out in the article at end of this article for suggestions.

Modify Your Username for iPhone, iPad, or Android

On tablets and smartphones like iPhone, iPad, and Android The procedure of changing you Twitter username is identical to the procedure used on the website. We’ll show screenshots of the iPhone application, however the steps are identical for Android as well as iPad with slight differences in the way they are displayed on the screen.

Then, you must open the Twitter application on your mobile device. For smartphones, you can tap your avatar image on the upper-left edge of your screen.

In the sidebar that displays, select “Settings and Privacy” on iPhone and Android phones.

On iPad, press the “ellipses” button (three dots within the circle) on the sidebar. Then choose “Settings And Privacy.”

Under “Settings And Privacy, ” click”Account” > Username.

In the “Update Username” page, select the text field that says “New.” If it requests confirmation that you wish changing your username press “Continue.” Enter the new username by using the screen keyboard, and then click “Done.”

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