How To Make 15 Cr With SIP of 1000

How To Make 15 Cr With SIP of 1000

How To Make 15 Cr With SIP of 1000

Calculation of a SIP : As per the financial expert, start a SIP to secure your future financially. The early you start your SIP the more returns you can see. SIP is an option which helps you to achieve your future financial goals with some savings every month. There are so many SIP funds which gave upto 20% returns in a long term.

Lets make some goals and see how you can achieve that. If you make a SIP investment of 20000 per month you will receive approx 65  lakh while your real investment will be around 36 lakhs. Keep in mind, returns depends on the market scenario, can be more or can be less.

How You Can Make 1 Cr.

According to the financial experts, SIP should be started as early as possible. If you start a SIP at the age of 27 Years and do a monthly SIP of 20000, you will have 1 Cr at the age of 42 years. You can increase or decrease the monthly investment in the SIP according to your financial goal.

How To Invest In SIP

SIP stands for Systemic Investment Plan which is not directly linked to market risk but yes depends on the market. SIP can be risky to ask your financial advisor before investment

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