New Creative Feature Of Snapchat : How to Use It

New Creative Feature Of Snapchat

New Creative Feature Of Snapchat

Snapchat: A Must Installed App

The name Snapchat is wisely popular and almost everyone is using this application to get connected with each other. A very popular social media platform. A lot of features this application have kept this app separate from other social media apps. I personally like its Picture Editing tool, lol. You can check more New Creative Feature Of Snapchat.

New Creative Feature of Snapchat: Wow to How

Recently, Snapchat launched a great feature that is Dual Camera Feature. Snapchat Camera is already a popular one amongst other apps and introducing this new dual camera feature will make this app more interesting. The dual Camera feature will allow everyone to be in the image and video which will be really an awesome feature.

New Creative Feature Of Snapchat

New Snapchat Dual Camera Feature: How to Use

Whenever you open the Snapchat application on your phone, you will see an icon in the toolbar. You need to click on it to make Stories, posts, and many more. You will see a lot of options to make your post or story beautiful and you can capture your life’s special moment with the help of this newly launched dual-camera feature.

Layouts of New Launched Dual Camera

This new feature of Dual Camera has four different layouts which makes you more entertained while capturing your priceless moments. Every layout has different results. These layouts come with different options which allow the creation of vertical posts, horizontal posts, and many more. Use the feature and enjoy!! So hope you learn about New Creative Feature Of Snapchat. And you can also read about How to delete Snapchat account.

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