Top 5 Twitter Leaders Handle In The US

Top 5 Twitter Leaders Handle In The US

Top 5 Twitter leaders Handle in the US

The amount of followers an Twitter account is believed to be a measure of its popularity and reach. The more followers accounts have it, the more people messages are sent to. Experts in social media, however believe that what matters more than amount of followers is the quality followers and whether they’re truly part of the community that accounts owners hope to connect with. In a growing number world leaders are using Twitter for communication with the general public. In actual fact, Twitter is considered the most widely used social media tool of public figures and governments across the globe. This article provides a deeper examine which of the world’s current leaders have the most Twitter followers.

1. Pope Francis

Pope Francis tops the list with 33.72 million Twitter followers. Pope Francis has become the most popular leader around the globe after the previous US President Obama quit his post. The account, @pontifex is available in nine languages and has already reached 32 million followers only two days after the Pope’s birthday celebrations for his 80th birthday. The three largest groups of followers are categorized according to: Spanish speakers (38.8%), English speakers (31.61%)) as well as Italian users (12.78 percent). The Pope typically tweets messages from his public remarks about twice per week.

2. Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the US is the second-highest number of followers on his twitter account, compared to any world leader currently. At the time of last number of followers, the account has around 30.13 million users. Since his swearing-in ceremony on January 1, 2017 The number of Trump followers on Twitter has increased by about 5% per month. If the trend of growth is sustained it is expected that the Trump account is likely to exceed the one from Pope Francis by the end of August 2017. Trump utilizes Twitter Twitter account to communicate his views on world and US politics, news and opinions about mass media. He tweets at least a few times every day and over the course of a year receives about 160 million likes and shares.

3. Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India is third on this list, just a bit in the direction of the Trump account that has 30.06 million Twitter followers. Modi makes use of the Twitter platform to post comments pictures, greetings, as well as videos to his fans. He’s been described by the title of “the social media politician” by the New York Times and was one of the first leaders to directly communicate with the general public, and not rely on traditional media channels. Recently, he conducted an interview US news reporter Megyn Kelly who was under fire for asking whether the prime minister had used Twitter.

4. Prime Minister Of India

The Prime Minister’s official India post has the official Twitter account that has 18.04 million users. The last time the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh quit office and his staff decided to archive the official tweets of the Prime Minister and followers under a different account, and made @pmoindia open to be taken by the public. A young Indian resident from India was able to take over the account’s username, but it was removed by Twitter within a short time. People who opposed this action have criticized Singh and his government, insisting they were making a wrong policy decision not to transfer the official account after the name of the company was changed.

5. President Of The US

The President who is the official of the US post also has an official Twitter account. It is the fifth most followed globally and has an estimated 14.42 millions of followers. The account was initially utilized for the first time by Barack Obama and archived as @POTUS44. The first tweet from the account that is currently in use by the US President’s Twitter account was an invitation to watch the presidential inauguration video from 2017 posted on the Trump Facebook page.

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