Who Is Self Made Rich At 40 ? Read Inside

Who Is Self Made Rich At 40

Who Is Self Made Rich At 40 ?

I am sure you would like to know the personalities who are self-made and rich through their own efforts. On the top of this list, the name is Co-founder of the main brokerage firm Zerodha and his name is Nikhil Kamath. In this article, I have added the name of those people who are self-made rich, and under 40. The total net worth of Mr. Kamath is around 17500 Cr.

Kamath is on the top list of major indexes like IIFL wealth. Ola owner Mr. Bhavish Agrawal is on the second list with a net worth of 11700 Cr. Divyank Turakhiya is in the third position and is the owner of Media.net with a net worth of 11200 Cr.

In the IIFL index list, the youngest entrepreneur is Zepto co-founder Mr. Bohra and the youngest female entrepreneur is Neha Narkhede. She is the NRI and co-founder of a company called Confluent. She has a net worth of 4700 Cr and currently holds the 10th position.

15 More New Richer Added To The List

The list was revised on 28th September and 15 more rich personalities have been added to this list. All have a net worth of 1000 cr or more. Most of them are co-founders of new startups. Alakh Pandey and Prateek Maheshwari are co-founders of Physics Wallah, names were first added to this list and in 11th position with a net worth of 4000 Cr. Each.

According to the chief of IIFL, on the yearly basis, there is an increase of 11% of the Richie list who are above 40 years of age. Most of the rich personalities belong to Bengaluru and then after Delhi and Mumbai.

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